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Food as medicine has been the concept that is at the foundation healing since people began. People have been using plants for nutrition and healing since the beginning of humanity. In many ways, we have lost touch with the connection to the earth through all of the artificiality that we created in order to function comfortably. 

Ancestral practices were stolen, oppressed and criminalized. African and indigenous people were enslaved and subjugated to exploit their long held extensive agricultural, botanical, environmental, medical and healing knowledge. Their knowledge and applications were plagiarized and used by colonists to capitalize while they were demonized and criminalized for practicing the same. Now we rely on modern medicine to heal and cure us but often by that time we are too sick.

We encourage every person to feel empowered to manage their health using all of the resources available to them (including modern/western medicine). We strive to help equip our community with the information and resources to enhance their day to day nutritional healing and home remedies through nature. Using plants for healing is a way to be proactive, preventative and interventive.

Chef Lachelle Cunningham and Certified Herbalist Eva have joined forces to create Natural Roots Wellness and the Elixir Kitchen where you can join them to explore the world of plant remedies and nutritional healing. Chef Lachelle and herbalist Eva have created a 7-part series that reveals what has been lost and forgotten about this major pillar in the foundation of American Cuisine. While uncovering the plant-based foundations of Soul Food cuisine and how these nostalgic flavors are built, you will learn some of the medicinal plant wisdom passed down through generations. 

Throughout this series, Chef Lachelle will connect her personal food story to the story of her ancestors as she demonstrates creating delicious plant-based recipes that help to heal and restore the body. We welcome you to join us in honoring soul food and giving it its proper place in culinary history.



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