The Love of Food

Healthy Roots: The Healing Power of Food

Healthy Roots is my food philosophy about reclaiming the narrative around health. Food touches every part of our lives. Food nourishes us physically. It comforts us emotionally. It influences us mentally. Food is embedded in our spiritual customs. It reflects our society and culture.

When we say “soul food,” we are digging deeper than the countless cliches and stereotypes. Soul food is really the vehicle for our unification; it connects us on a deeper level. When bread is communally broken, magic happens that brings people together and levels the playing field. Yes, it’s about filling people with delicious foods. But it is also about reconnecting with our food—knowing where it comes from, and knowing the history of our food system.

Healthy Roots is about connecting all of these factors. Ultimately, my mission is to impact people through food and to normalize healthy eating in my community. It is to impact the economy and the greater community by educating ourselves, as well as developing food enterprises that generate revenue, increase jobs, and raise property values—which addresses economic disparities.


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I offer culinary team building or group training in cultural diversity and alternate health perspectives.

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